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New Members Information

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:14 pm

Hi, Welcome to Qld Beaders! We are a friendly group of beaders who meet regularly at various locations around Brisbane. We also have some friends who are out of town that have been personally invited by our members.

Membership to this forum is by invitation only.

As we are all friends and meet regularly we have formed this forum as an area for us to freely discuss anything without moderation. The forum is private, and can only be read by members and any discussions that take place here are for us only. We will chat freely as we do at our meets. There will be a lot of discussions about our local meets, we may also discuss our experiences with purchasing beads either good or bad, and also any other general discussions.

A requirement of approval is to post a simple introduction so all members can get to know you. Please reply to this post. Some members are not always able to make it to meets, so this is a good way for them to 'meet' you. This will also enable us to know who you are so we can approve you (we only approve people we know). Once you are a member we will move this information to the main forum and you can then participate in all our threads.

First(real) name:
Member who introduced you:
First meeting attended:
Interests (other than beading):
What else you do (eg if working):
Anything else interesting about yourself:

If you find this forum is not for you please let us know and we will remove you.
Any member not posting for approximately one month will be considered inactive and be deleted (unless we know why ie you may be away or busy for a period of time - if we know we will leave your account active). Don't worry if this happens, if you decide to come back you can re-register (although your original posts will no longer be against your login name). This is mainly because we are an active group of people who meet regularly and know each other, so we encourage everyone to be active and involved within the forum.

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